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Custom inlay line drawing (left) and inlay before installation (right)
Co-designed Larry and Pam Kelly with input from John, Larry Robinson, and others; research and all artwork by Pam Kelly; cut and assembled by Larry Robinson, master inlay artist, using about a half dozen different types of abalone and MOP including black pearl. John does not inlay his name at the top of the peghead a la "The Gibson" but instead etches it discreet, black on black, in the ebony truss rod cover. That leaves more room for an inlay than usual. John typically places a single flowerpot higher up the peghead than it's usually found. We decided to try to come up with a design that evoked the historic Gibson double flowerpot while personalizing the instrument by incorporating three designs from three different Persian rugs (the flower, the vase, and the hanging lamp as found in a mosque at the bottom). John often names his mandolins and he called this one "The Lamp." Pam, Larry R. and John did an incredible job!